Because policies vary widely in the cover they offer, the best way to buy critical illness insurance is through an independent financial adviser or a broker specialising in protection insurance. Specialist advisers will be able to sift through all the policies on the market. They will also be able to advise you on whether a critical illness policy really is appropriate for your needs. An adviser should also be able to help you decide how much cover you need, how long the policy should last and whether you should combine critical illness and life cover. It is vital that you give full and accurate answers to all the questions asked when you apply for insurance. Failure to disclose “material facts”, which affect an insurer’s decision to offer cover, can result in claims being turned down.


How much you pay for critical illness cover will depend on a range of factors, including what sort of policy you have chosen, your age, the state of your health at the outset, the amount you want the policy to pay out and whether or not you smoke.


A better alternative for many is income protection insurance, but consult an independent financial adviser. This pays a tax-free income if you cannot earn as a result of an accident or any illnesses – including stress and back pain – not just very defined critical illnesses. Critical Illness Cover
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